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Now offering sessions in-person or virtually.

Cell Blueprint

Not sure where to start? Start with your cells!

Our cells are the foundation of our health, without healthy cells you cannot have healthy tissues, organs, organ systems, and overall, a healthy organism, that's YOU! Using the Cell Blueprint questionnaire Kay Kay can help you hone in your focus to achieve optimal health.

What you get for $49:

  • An understanding of where you need to focus your attention to achieve optimal health.

  • A personalized video reviewing you results.

  • An action plan to help you put the information you've learned into use.

  • One FREE follow up email to answer questions

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Initial Consult

Ready to get started but not sure you want to purchase a package deal?

What you get for $199:

  • A 1.5 hour one-on-one consult with a Functional Nutritionist.

  • Assessment of your cellular health.

  • Lab review from a nutritional perspective.

  • Practical tips and tricks to help you meet your goals.

  • Personalized care plan with nutrition, lifestyle, supplement, and behavior modification tips tailored just for you.

  • a FREE 15 min follow-up call.


Follow-up Consult

For those who have completed their initial consultation and have followed their homework recommendations.

What you get for $89:

  • Personalized adjustments to care plan.

  • Review of new lab work.

  • New recommendations to keep you moving forward.


Package Plans

Ready to make a commitment to your health and save a little money while you're at it?

If so, let's make it official! Choose a 3, 6, or 12 sessions package deal to help keep you on track. You will also get a few perks too!

Added Perks:

  • Discounted rates on consultations.

  • 10-15% discount on all products ordered through Green Briar dispensaries (Welevate & Fullscript).

  • Instant messaging through Practice Better for those times you are feeling stuck.

  • For the 3 and 6 session packages, 50% off one grocer store tour at the Abilene Natural Grocers. For the 12 sessions package you receive a FREE grocer store tour!


Functional Lab Testing and Interpretation

Needing to dig a deeper? I can help with that! With functional testing we can get more clues as to what is going on.


Grocery Store Tour

Get familiar with the produce and products you need to kick start your new lifestyle and learn how to decipher product labels. Along the tour Kay Kay will provide tips and tricks to help you save money too! Typical tours last about 2 hours, but can be longer depending on the level of details you wish to discuss.

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